Guaranteed to suit student’s needs

Over the years, JC Economics Education Centre has had many students from various backgrounds, with different capabilities and aptitudes. They thus have different needs and struggle with different aspects of Economics. Here are some of the common problems students face and how JC Economics Education Centre strives to help them overcome such issues.


One of the most important ingredients for success is to have a solid foundation. In Economics, this means that students must know their concepts well. Students who are unfamiliar with the subject will not be able to retain information well. It is understandable that students are unfamiliar at first since it is a new subject, but the curriculum is quite demanding in terms of both quantity and difficulty, so students must be able to keep up with the new concepts they have to learn weekly.


This may seem like someone students can handle themselves, but in reality many find themselves unable to cope with the pace of teaching in schools. Due to the size of the curriculum and short duration of lectures, students find themselves unable to catch up with the rapid pace of teaching. Lack of understanding also baffles students and discourages them as they may feel inadequate. At JC Economics Education Centre, they are able to clarify with Mr Anthony Fok any queries they have. Mr Anthony Fok also reinforces concepts during his lessons, especially important ones that are often tested in the examinations.


Essays and Case Studies skills are the key that unlocks the door to a good grade. To overcome that glass ceiling they must have the necessary essays and case studies skills. Most students who find themselves able to cope with concepts struggle greatly at this stage of the learning process. Once they ‘get it’ however, they will be able to easily and comfortably do well during examinations. If concepts are the arrow, skills are the bows. Students will require both to hit the bull’s eye and score during examinations. These skills are unfortunately hard to learn and students do not get enough help in school. At JC Economics Education Centre, extra focus in placed on skills because this is often what students lack but what Cambridge expects.


Lastly, the cherry on top is perhaps being able to enjoy learning Economics. A deep appreciation of it will help make learning more meaningful and less painful. When students finally discover that Economics is not just a boring subject, they find more motivation to study for it. Some of them even choose to continue to study the subject at a more advanced level.


Regardless of where a student is coming from, we will help them to solve that problem, ensuring that their success is built on skills, concepts and enjoyment of the subject.